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Electric Bicycles
Get an extra boost in your everyday bike rides.

No license, no insurance required.
Electric Limited Speed Motorcycles
Get an extra boost in your everyday commute.
Electric Trikes
The first 3-wheeled electric cycle in Canada!


We've Moved To a New and Better Location

To serve you better, we are now located at 125 West Broadway, Vancouver. The new location offers more street parking and convenience for our customers.

NEW PRODUCT ALERT: E-Cycle Electric Trikes

E-Cycle is proud to present the Delta-1 (with a rear box) and Delta-2 (with a rear passenger seat), the electric-powered tricycles. See below:

delta1 delta2

The E-Cycle Delta-1 and Delta-2 offers a combination of comfort, stability and convenience for commuters who wants to travel around the city. Promoting green living and an eco-friendly mode of transportation, the Delta series is the first electric tricycle commercially available in Canada. Final assembly and quality control is completed at our warehouse in Vancouver. Come on by to check it out!

Bikes, Scooters, Motorcycles...which is best?

Well, it all depends on your needs and requirements:

A regular cyclist or aspiring to get yourself into a cycling routine? E-Cycle's electric bicycles or electric trikes offers an extra electrical boost to help you make your normal bicycle commute faster and more fun! Coming up to the dreaded hill that makes you sore all night? With an E-Cycle electric bicycle, it'll be a breeze!

Want a scooter but don't want the hassle of buying insurance and/or getting a driver's license? Opt for one of our electric scooters! We call them "electric bike scooters" because even though they look like scooters, they are essentially classified as bicycles*! It is a cleaner way to scoot around the city!

Got a driver's license and tired of paying a hefty sum on upkeeping your vehicle just to travel around the city? Try one of E-Cycle's EVT limited speed electric motorcycles. You'll save the environment...and not to mention, it will save you from burning a hole in your wallet in travelling expenses. Urban commuting does not have to be expensive, try an EVT today!

*ICBC defines them as Motor-Assisted Cycles (MACs), for more information on MAC regulations, go here.


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