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E-Cycle Electric Bicycles & Bike Scooters in B.C.

E-Cycle Electric Bicycles and Bike Scooters are classified by ICBC as a Motor-Assisted Cycle (MAC). According to ICBC regulations, MACs are two or three-wheeled cycles with a seat, pedals and an electric motor that is either 500W or less. MACs can widely differ in appearances: Some can look just like a bicycle with a small motor in the back, and some can look like a scooter with bike pedals on the side.

Conditions/Requirements for a MAC:

  • The electric motor must be 500 watts or less and be capable of propelling the cycle no faster than 32km/hr on level ground without pedaling.
  • It must be equipped with a mechanism that either allows the driver to turn the motor on and off OR prevents the motor from turning on or engaging before the MAC attains a speed of 3km/hr.
  • The motor must disengage when the operator does at least one of the following:
    • Stops pedaling OR
    • Releases the accelerator OR
    • Applies a brake
  • The motor cannot be gas-powered
  • It must be capable of being propelled by "muscular power" using the pedals, but it is not necessary to always be pedaling.

ICBC Operating Requirements for E-Cycle's Electric Bicycles/Bike Scooters

Operators of a MAC must:

  • Be 16 years of age or older AND
  • Wear a bicycle helmet while in operation of the MAC

Operators of a MAC are not required to have:

  • Have a driver's license OR
  • Register, license or insure their MAC

For more information on road regulations for MACs...

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