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E-Cycle EVT Electric Motorcycles in B.C.

E-Cycle EVT Electric Motorcycles are Transport Canada approved vehicles, and is legal to operate on Canadian roads. In particular, the EVT Electric Motorcycles are classified by ICBC as Limited Speed Motorcycles (LSM). Our EVTs are equivalent to a 49cc gas powered motorcycle.

Conditions/Requirements for an Electric Limited Speed Motorcycle:

  • no more than a 1.5 kilowatt motor rating
  • does not require clutching or shifting after the drive system is engaged
  • has a maximum speed on level ground of no more than 70 kilometres per hour
  • weighs no more than 95 kilograms excluding fuel and batteries
  • wheels must be 25.4 centimetres in diameter or more

ICBC Operating Requirements for E-Cycle's EVT Electric Motorcycles

Operators of a LSM must

  • Have a full-priviledge driver's license of any class OR have a Class 6 or 8 learner's license AND
  • Have the vehicle registered, licensed and insured for road use AND
  • Wear a helmet while operating the vehicle

For more information on road regulations for LSMs...

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